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ECC Field Trip to Post Office

April 16 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

On April 16, Tuesday, our students from ECC 1&2 were off to a field trip to mail letters as part of their UOI (Unit of Inquiry) “My Community”.

“Throughout this unit, we have been actively engaged in mapping and exploring our school community, fostering a deep understanding of our surroundings. Additionally, we have created a functioning post office within our classroom, allowing students to exchange mail with peers from all grade levels.”Said Mr. Niel, our ECC homeroom teacher.

“On Tuesday, our students had the opportunity to engage in a local community service experience by visiting a post office. They observed the operations of the post office service, actively participating by affixing stamps to envelopes and placing their letters into the postbox. This hands-on experience provided them with valuable real-world insights and allowed them to witness the inner operations of our local community. The field trip played a crucial role in enhancing their understanding of our community and its connection to real life.”Said Ms. Kelley, our ECC homeroom teacher.

At AXIS, we adopt the inquiry-based approach in our daily teaching and learning activities from ECC to secondary school. Our students engage in a holistic learning experience that extends beyond textbooks and classroom instruction. Through various observations, visits, and field trips, they gain hands-on experiences that enhance their understanding and foster a deeper connection to what they learn.

👍 Good job, AXIS little ones!


“通过这个单元学习,我们积极地参与了解和探索我们的学校社区,培养学生对于周围环境的深入理解。此外,我们还在教室里创造了一个正在使用中的小邮局,在这里让孩子们可以和不同年级的同学交换信件。”我们的幼儿园主班老师Mr. Niel说道。

“这周二,我们的学生通过参观邮局,有机会参与并且体验了本地的社区服务。他们认真观察邮局的服务流程,并且通过将邮票粘贴到自己的信封上,再将信件投入邮筒中,从而主动地参与其中。这些实践经验为学生们提供了珍贵的对于现实生活的认知,也让他们能够亲眼看到本地社区服务的内部运作情况。这些实践活动在加强学生对于我们社区的理解以及与现实生活的连结起着重要的作用。”我们的幼儿园主班老师Ms. Kelley说道。


👍 长菁的小可爱们,你们真棒!


April 16
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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