Admissions Policy

Decision Criteria

Admission decisions are based on careful examination of each student’s ability to achieve success in an atmosphere of high expectations and within the context of an English language-learning environment. In making this assessment, AXIS will evaluate each candidate’s English language proficiency and in some cases math skills, demonstrated academic achievement, and developmental and social/behavioral history. This will include an interview. Parents should note that current class size/space availability, and English as an Additional Language (EAL) guidelines also affect admission recommendations. Admissions decisions may also take into account the short and long term balance of English language learners and other relevant demographic factors in the school in order to sustain and support the school’s mission and programs.

AXIS is unable to admit students with more than mild special needs. Applicants with special needs should contact the Admissions Office before filing an application.

Grade Level Placement Policies

To ensure an educational program suitable for all AXIS students, students are placed in grade levels after due consideration of grade level at previous school, age, emotional, developmental and physical maturity, and academic level. Any or all of the following may be considered in determining proper placement: evaluation of previous school records, academic testing, results of screening by a counselor and/or trial placement in an age appropriate grade level.

Click the link below to find out our general guidelines for grade placement by age.

Grade Placement By Age-General Guidelines.pdf (click open)