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September 6, 2021

#1 Welcome 

Early at 8:15AM, all the AXIS teachers, with their beaming faces and smiling eyes, all gathered at the AXIS Main Gate, ready to receive their students of the new school year.  

“It is so excited to have kids in the campus”, said Dr. Kelly Grogan, the AXIS Head of School.  

The entire AXIS team, faculty and staff members, have been waiting for so long for this day. It is the beginning of something truly great that is going to unfold at the school and in the entire Xiamen education community.  

And new beginning brings HOPE.   


#2 First Lesson from the Head of School 

Welcome: A Year to be Courageous 


#3 Orientation 

During the orientation session, students met their homeroom teachers, made new friends, and interacted with the class. At the same time, students had the opportunity to try on the school uniforms. Teachers and learning partners assisted to take their sizes for future uniform purchase. It would not be long before we have students wearing the AXIS uniforms sitting in the classrooms or running and playing on the playground. 



#4 Snack Time 

Ding~ Snack time!  

Kids in ECC and Lower Primary had snacks in their classrooms and kids in Grade 3 and above went to the cafeteria.  


#5 Lunch Time 

At AXIS, lunch time is scheduled differently for ECC, Primary and Secondary for health and safety reasons. The canteen staff brought food to the younger children while teachers in Grade 3 and above took their students to the cafeteria for lunch. Students lined up one by one along the servery window and chose dishes of their preference on their own. 

#6 Building a Learning Community 

Students in Primary and Secondary had a special time in the Innovation Hub for a “Building a Learning Community” session. Students were put into different groups and they worked on varied group tasks. They were talking, interacting, and brainstorming as a team.  Secondary students also had a wonderful time in the gym playing basketball with their classmates and teachers. 


#7 Dismissal 

Around late afternoon, it was time to leave. Kids waved their hands and said ‘see you’ to their teachers. Indeed, it was the time to say ‘see you’ and it was also the time to look forward to seeing you tomorrow and seeing you the day after tomorrow. 



The first day ended. But the new journey for the students, teachers and AXIS has just started. 

Exciting stories at AXIS are just about to unfold. 








September 6, 2021
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