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AXIS – First Week Highlights

September 6, 2021 - September 11, 2021

Are you curious about what has been going on in the campus during the first week? 

If you are, do read on. 

This week, all students from ECC, Primary and Secondary have started with their exciting learning experience at AXIS. They started to learn through playinquiry and exploration with their teachers, learning partners and peers. 


First Week – Creativity Week  

(Unit of Inquiry  Who we are) 

During the AXIS Creativity Week, students received their tasks and project guidance and started to work together as a team. They learned in and out of the classroom.  

 Learning is fun. It can be an individual or a group experience. Learning can happen anywhere. 

 Learning is at the core of everything we do at AXIS.  

This is an important message we would like to send to our students, not just in words but more importantly, in action. 

 Please read on to find out more about highlights of the week. 


ECC Activity #1 – Find the Colors (title in green) 

 ECC kids had a lot of fun learning and playing with their friends, teachers, and learning partners. For example, in one of their activities called “Find the Colors”, kids first learned and read about different colors in the class. This was then followed by a “field trip” around the campus. 

 Kids were put into three groups and led by different teachers. Each group were given a targeted color (Group 1 – Yellow; Group 2 – Red; Group 3 – Blue). We could see kids exploring all around the campusThey became so excited when they saw items in their targeted color. They jumped, waved their hands, and called their classmates and teachers to come and checkIt was a fun and rewarding outdoor learning experience not simply for the kids to learn about colors but also for them to learn about the campus – the learning environment they are in. 


ECC Activity #2 – Create Your Own “Not-a-Box” (title in green) 

  • “Why are you sitting in a box?” Rabbit’s friend asked. 
  • It’s not a box. Said the Rabbit. Actually, the Rabbit thought she was sitting in a car. 

              This is quoted from the book Not A Box (Antoinette Portis, 2006).  

The ECC teachers shared this story with the kids in the class and guided them to think “What is your Not-a-Box?. See, kids were all working on their own Not-a-Box. Some of them created a ROCKETsome painted a TV, and some built a HOUSE. They created, painted, and turned their boxes to artworks. 

“These activities are also a practical way for kids to know our campus, as well as the whole community. This is the IB (International Baccalaureate) way to bridge our learning units on ‘who I am and where I am’”, said Ms. Lucindathe ECC homeroom teacher 

Primary Activity #1 – Plasticine Your Name (title in red) 

On Wednesday, Grade 1 students designed and created their names by using the plasticine. Teachers prepared graphic sheets with student names well printed aheadKids received their graphic sheets, chose the colors, and placed the plasticine on letters that make up their names. They worked, created, and learned through the activity. 


Primary Activity #2 – Build a Floating Raft (title in red) 

 Another important project for Primary this week was to build a floating raft that holds the most coins using plastic straws and string. Students were working together, brainstorming, and sharing their ideas. They tried different ways and turned possibilities into practiceStudents experienced a hands-on learning process in class.  


Secondary – Design the Food Truck (title in blue) 

One of the projects for Secondary students was to design and make a Food Truck. But it was not just about a truck. The project also required students to come up with a menu and a piece of music (or slogan), to work on profit estimation, and to do 3D-models. After all the tasks were completedstudents, working as groups, needed to present o the whole class and to showcase all their ideas and creative work 

Design the Food Truckis an interdisciplinary project that involves and integrates different subjectsIn order to bring the Food Truck (3D-model) to real life, students drew, painted, measured, cut, and glued cardboards and other materials in their Art classMeanwhile, Math teachers taught them how to estimate the profit that their trucks could make in the future. In the Music class, students learned to compose the piece of music which would be played as a truck slogan. 


The first week at AXIS may have passed by too soon. But this is simply the beginning of our students’ exciting learning journey. 

More highlights are yet to come in their learning and school life at AXIS as our students work to ACHIEVE more.   

Huge thanks go to all of the AXIS families for their kind support. 

Huge thanks also go to the entire AXIS team – all the faculty and staff members, for making everything happen. 


See you all next week! 


September 6, 2021
September 11, 2021
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