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AXIS Assembly – Caring

September 15 @ 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Finally, this Friday, we had our First Whole School Assembly of SY 23-34! This assembly was organized by our new STUCO members. Students from ECC, Primary, and Secondary joined together in the auditorium. The theme of this assembly was “Caring”.


“ Caring – We show empathy, compassion and respect. We have a commitment to service, and we act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world around us. ”—- IB Learner Profile

“ 关爱 – 我们表现出同理心、同情和尊重。我们有服务的承诺,我们采取行动,为他人的生活和我们周围的世界带来积极的影响。” —- IB学习者培养目标

(Source来源: https://www.ibo.org/contentassets/fd82f70643ef4086b7d3f292cc214962/learner-profile-en.pdf)

The assembly started with an introduction to the theme of Caring shared by our STUCO members. Then all the students watched our very first video montage of the SY 23-24, which recroded the students showing caring in the school.


In the middle of the assembly, some students and teachers from the primary and secondary divisions also got awarded for being caring. They received special certificates from the assistant principals and the audience gave them a big round of applause. Thank you for caring for us 🌟


Following the Award Session, it was a Sharing Session. Students and teachers from different grade levels and departments shared their stories about caring in their lives. Then our special guest speaker, the local dentist, Dr. Frank, gave us a presentation sharing his personal stories at work and in his childhood. These stories demonstrated the caring and warmth in real life.

颁奖过后,我们来到了分享环节。来自不同年级的学生和不同学科的老师与大家分享了他们生活中关于“关爱”的故事。同时,特别嘉宾来自本地的牙科医生,Dr. Frank,亲切地与大家分享了他在工作中的故事以及儿时的趣事。这些故事向大家展示了现实生活中的关爱与温暖。

Subsequently, Ms. DeeDee and Ms. Cathy announced the IXL Competition at AXIS this year had started. Welcome every student to participate in the competition.

随后,Ms. DeeDee 和 Ms. Cathy宣布了本年度的IXL比赛正式开启。欢迎所有学生报名参加这个比赛。

Last but not the least, Ms. Holly and Mr. Shaheer hosted an AXIS version of “Taskmaster” which was a famous British comedy panel game show. Five teachers and five students participated in the first “Taskmaster”. They followed the game guidance and shared their special and funny experiences to win the points. Well done and look forward to the next episode of “AXIS Taskmaster”!

最后,Ms. Holly 和 Mr. Shaheer主持了长菁校园版的“任务大师”,这是一个著名的英国戏剧游戏节目。五个老师和五个学生参加了第一场的“任务大师”游戏。他们根据游戏的指示,分享他们特别又有趣的经历,以此来获得更多的奖励积分。他们表现得很好,让我们期待下一集的“长菁校园版任务大师”!


Thanks to everyone whose hard work made this whole school assembly hold successfully. Special THANKS to each member of the AXIS STUCO. Thank you so much and all of us enjoyed the time!




September 15
8:30 am - 9:30 am
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