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AXIS Event – Christmas Tree Lighting

December 1, 2022

This Thursday morning, the first day of December, two old friends of AXIS arrived early at the campus and were ready to welcome our students since 8am!本周四上午,十二月的第一天,上午8点,两位AXIS的老朋友已经抵达校园,并且做好准备迎接学生们!Who are they? ?他们是谁呢??

They are Eddie the AXIS Dragon and Santa Claus!


Hooray! Finally, we got Eddie on campus! We all love Eddie the AXIS Dragon!耶!我们终于在校园里见到了Eddie!我们都非常喜爱我们的AXIS小龙Eddie!
When Santa Claus was still climbing the wall and trying to get to the classrooms, Eddie had prepared little holiday surprises for all the students. ?当我们的圣诞老人还在努力地翻墙争取早一点抵达教室时,Eddie准备了小小的惊喜作为节日问候给到我们所有的学生 ?This must be the first Christmas gift of 2022! The kids were so happy and could not wait to unwrap them!这一定是大家2022年的第一份圣诞礼物!孩子们特别开心,迫不及待地想要拆礼物了!

As the Christmas tree was up and twinkling lights were on in the evening, the holiday season officially started! Let the festivities begin~ ?? ☃️ ❄️ ?等到夜幕降临,随着圣诞树上星星闪烁的灯光亮起,今年的圣诞季也随之正式开启!是时候开始圣诞倒数啦 ?? ☃️ ❄️ ?Video: https://youtu.be/Wg1pLfH9y-s  


December 1, 2022
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