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AXIS Event – Parent Forum

September 8, 2023 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

This Friday afternoon, we gathered at the AXIS campus for the first Parent Forum of the 2023-2024 school year, held in the Auditorium. It was a valuable opportunity for our parents to gain deeper insights into the school, its curriculum, programs, and the dedicated individuals who form the AXIS community. This event not only provided information but also fostered stronger connections between the school and our parents.


To commence the forum, Mr. Bill, our Head of School, delivered an enlightening presentation. He shared significant updates on various school-wide developments, including enrollment growth, staffing updates, and the school event calendar. One exciting revelation was the announcement of a new playground project scheduled to open for students in 2024.

论坛开始,长菁总校长Mr. Bill为家长们带来了精彩又内容丰富的演讲。Mr. Bill从整个校层面向家长们进行了校园信息的更新。这些信息包括了招生情况、师资配备、校园活动计划等等。他同时还宣布了一个令人惊喜的消息——校园里将新增一个游乐场,这个项目已经在计划中并预计于2024年向学生们开放。

Following Mr. Bill’s presentation, the Assistant Principals from the primary and secondary schools provided more detailed information about ongoing activities within their respective divisions. Mr. Rob, the Primary Assistant Principal and IB PYP coordinator, discussed teaching and learning updates, including a timeline for IB PYP authorization. Ms. Holly, the Secondary Assistant Principal and AP coordinator, highlighted progress on WASC accreditation, plans for PSAT and SAT testing, and details about our dormitory program.

随后,来自小学部和中学部的副校长也与大家分享了各自学部更加详细的信息,让大家能够了解到“我们在学校都在做些什么?”。例如,小学部副校长和IB PYP协调员Mr. Rob与大家分享了教学上的消息并且列出了IB PYP认证的时间安排。而中学部副校长及AP协调员Ms. Holly则与大家分享了WASC申请进度,今年PSAT和SAT的测试计划,学校的宿舍项目等相关信息。

Subsequently, Mr. Said (AXIS Director of Technology Integration & Innovation), Mr. Justin (AXIS College Placement Counselor), and Mr. Tim (AXIS Director of Athletics & Activities) took the stage to share their expertise and outline key priorities and short-term plans in their respective roles.

在学部信息分享之后,Mr. Said (科技融合与创新总监), Mr. Justin (升学规划导师), and Mr. Tim (体育活动总监)分别上台与大家分享了他们的专业领域、工作重点、短期计划等。

To encourage open dialogue, we conducted a Q&A session, providing parents with an opportunity to ask questions and engage directly with the speakers.


As the forum drew to a close, Mr. Cody, the President of the AXIS PSA (Parent Support Association), introduced the new PSA executive board members and class representatives. We extend our best wishes to the new PSA team for a successful school year.

在论坛的最后,长菁PSA主席Mr. Cody现场宣布了新一届PSA执委会成员以及班级代表名单。我们祝愿新一届PSA团队在这个学年收获成功!


A heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every individual who played a role in making our first Parent Forum a success. We extend our gratitude to our parents for their presence and engagement during the session. We cherish the relationships we’ve built and the interactions with our parents and families, understanding the significance of their contributions. TOGETHER, we are dedicated to creating a better AXIS community!




September 8, 2023
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
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