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AXIS Sports Day

April 21



AXIS held its annual Sports Day on Friday, 21st April, where primary and secondary students come together to showcase their athletic abilities. The students are divided into four houses, yellow, green, blue, and white, creating a sense of competition and school spirit. 

AXIS长菁运动会于4月21日在校举行,运动会是一项激动人心的活动。中小学生齐聚一堂,展示他们的运动能力。 学生分为黄、绿、蓝、白四个院系,营造竞争感和学校精神。 


The primary sports activities include sprint (100m), tug of war, and soccer, while the secondary activities include sprint (50m), tug of war, and soccer. These activities help promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy competition, which are crucial for a student’s overall development. 

小学项目包括短跑(100m)、拔河、足球,中学项目包括短跑(50m)、拔河、足球。 这些活动有助于促进团队合作、体育精神和良性竞争,这对学生的全面发展至关重要。 


Furthermore, sports day highlights the importance of physical exercise in balance with academic studies. The students learn that physical exercise helps to improve their physical and mental well-being, enabling them to stay focused, energized, and engaged in their academic pursuits. 

此外,运动日强调体育锻炼与学术研究平衡的重要性。 学生们了解到体育锻炼有助于改善他们的身心健康,使他们能够保持专注、精力充沛并投入到他们的学术追求中。 


Participating in sports activities also teaches students how to manage their time effectively as they learn to balance their academic responsibilities with their extracurricular interests. It helps them to develop a sense of discipline and perseverance, which are essential qualities for success in any field. 

参加体育活动还教会学生如何有效地管理他们的时间,因为他们学会平衡他们的学术责任和他们的课外兴趣。 它帮助他们培养纪律感和毅力,这是在任何领域取得成功的基本素质。 


In conclusion, Sports Day at Achieve Xiamen International School is an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their athletic abilities, learn the value of teamwork, and develop a healthy balance between academic study and physical exercise. It is an event that promotes overall well-being and helps students to become well-rounded individuals. 

总而言之,AXIS学校的运动会是学生展示运动能力、学习团队合作价值以及在学术学习和体育锻炼之间取得健康平衡的绝佳机会。 这是一项促进整体福祉并帮助学生成为全面发展的人的活动。 


Great thanks to our PSA for their continuous support!  Great Job, AXIS Dragons! 

感谢我们的PSA家长们一如既往对孩子和学校的支持! 加油,长菁学子们! 




April 21
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