Secondary School

At AXIS, we believe in leaner agency. It is by design, in the high school program students have the option to explore four different paths:

  • AP
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering , Arts and Mathematics)

These pathways allow students to focus on their individual areas of passion. The first three pathways will offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students. Students take AP courses as they explore their own pathways. It is our goal to provide students with an individualized pathway that allows them to attend universities throughout the world.

AXIS Grade Level
Lower Secondary School
Grade 6 Inquiry and transdisciplinary based international curriculum guided by Common Core standards.
Grade 7
Grade 8
Upper Secondary School
Grade 9

Inquiry based international curriculum guided by Common Core standards across four pathways. Advanced Placement classes also offered.

Entrepreneurialism | STEAM

Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12