Student Support & Counseling

We believe in an inclusive educational environment for learners enhancing student success. We support an inclusive learning environment through our Learner Support, English Language Learning, Counseling and Wellbeing programs.

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Learner Support

We believe all students should be granted the agency including time and resources to develop their social, emotional and intellectual development.

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Student Support

English Language Learners

We ensure that students who are still acquiring English as an academic language have the necessary scaffolds to support content-area learning through our comprehensive English Language Learner model. Through peer interaction in the classroom and shared experiences with other English language learners, students have an optimal environment for additional language acquisition. The English Language Learner specialists work in tandem with classroom teachers and directly with students.

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Counseling and Wellbeing

Counselors support students academically, socially and emotionally while attending to the wellbeing of the school community. Counselors provide proactive and responsive interventions to students.

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