Tuition and Fees

1. Annual Tuition Fee (Due to government regulations, prices are subject to change)

AXIS Class
Age at Entry
Tuition Fee
ECC Early Childhood Center (half day)
Nursery 2 yrs 136,000 RMB
ECC Early Childhood Center + KG (full day)
PreK-1 3 yrs 168,000 RMB
PreK-2 4 yrs 168,000 RMB
Kindergarten 5 yrs 168,000 RMB
Primary School
Grade 1 6 yrs 195,000 RMB
Grade 2 7 yrs 195,000 RMB
Grade 3 8 yrs 195,000 RMB
Grade 4 9 yrs 195,000 RMB
Grade 5 10 yrs 195,000 RMB
Secondary School
Grade 6 11 yrs 215,000 RMB
Grade 7 12 yrs 215,000 RMB
Grade 8 13 yrs 215,000 RMB
Grade 9 14 yrs 215,000 RMB
Grade 10 15 yrs 215,000 RMB
Grade 11 16 yrs 215,000 RMB
Grade 12 17 yrs 215,000 RMB

2. Bus Fee - optional (Due to government regulations, prices are subject to change) TBD

3. Lunch Fee - Optional (Students may bring their own lunch or purchase lunch.)

The school coordinates with an international catering company ADEN offering a variety of dining options for students on campus. Dining fees are charged separately and can be paid directly to the catering company.

Price (RMB)
Breakfast for boarding students 17.5
Lunch 36
Dinner for boarding students 36


Tuition includes all texts and resource materials, technology, Classroom Without Walls expenses, library and database membership, high speed/wireless Internet access, sports and fitness facility access for academic purposes.

Note: additional fees may apply for interscholastic travel/activities.


Tuition is payable in RMB. Late penalties apply. Payment in US Dollars or another currency must be arranged prior to payment with the finance office. The currency exchange rate for the academic year 2022-2023 is: 1 US Dollar = 6.4 Chinese RMB.

A 2% per month Late Payment Fee will be assessed on all overdue payments and will not be included in the fapiao amount.

New Students Enrolling Mid-Year and for the Next Academic Year

New Students Billing for school tuition will be sent upon acceptance and is due immediately. If payment is not received within 7 working days the seat will be released. Students cannot start school until the payment is made. If a student withdraws after accepting admission for the next academic year and before June 30th, the paid invoice will be refunded less the RMB 30,000 non-refundable deposit. Students who withdraw on or after July 1st will be refunded 40% of the full tuition.

Annual Re-registration for Returning/Continuing Students

Each March parents will be asked to confirm their attendance for the following academic year. The tuition will be invoiced in April and is due no later than May 15th. Seats are not guaranteed unless the fee has been fully paid. If a continuing student withdraws their applications between May 15th and June 30th, the paid invoice will be refunded less RMB 30,000 non-refundable deposit. Students who withdraw on or after July 1st will be refunded 40% of the full tuition.

The enrollment of any student is a private contract between the parent and the school, regardless of any arrangement the parent may have with an employer concerning the payment of school fees. The parent always remains responsible for the payment of all school fees.

Method of Payment

Application and Tuition are payable by wire transfer.

Account Name:
RMB Account No. 415674432121

Important: it is essential to send a copy of the bank transfer slip to AXIS email on the day payment is made. It is critical that the names of all students must accompany the wire transfer payment instructions. Please indicate Invoice Number or Student Number on the Remittance Advice to facilitate prompt and accurate recording.

Late Entry Policy

For new students enrolling after the start of the school year in August, a 10% decrease of the full year’s tuition will be applied for each successive enrollment month. Fees in September are 90% of the full year’s fees, October 80% concluding with May at 10% of the full year’s fees.

Withdrawal Policy

If a student withdraws from the school at any time prior to January 31st, 40% of the full tuition paid will be refunded. If a student withdraws from February 1st - March 31st, 20% will be refunded. No other refunds for early withdrawals can be considered. Withdrawal forms are available at the AXIS administrative office. Forms should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the student’s last day.

Overdue Payments

In the case of financial delinquency, all school records will be withheld. Any student whose tuition is outstanding will not be allowed to attend school until payment is made. Late penalties apply. Questions about bills and payments should be directed to the finance office.

Tuition Adjustment

Note: In the event of a financial crisis or if an unforeseen deficit arises, the school has the right to increase or revise fees at any time during the school year.

In the event of force majeure, the school retains the right to determine the fees at its discretion.