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Review: AXIS College Admissions Workshop

April 19 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

This week, we hosted a successful College Admissions Workshop – “Understanding The Current U.S. College Admissions Process From an Insider” led by Dr. Grace Cheng Dodge, who was a former Associate Director of Admissions at Harvard College and former Director of Admissions at Wellesley College. The workshop was divided into separate sessions for our secondary students, current parents, and parents from outside the school. Dr. Dodge brought valuable insights and perspectives from the other side of college admissions beyond the students’ application process.

Highlights in Workshop

  • The Current Landscape in US College/University Admissions: Recent trends, including AI
  • Honesty, integrity, and the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL)
  • Institutional Priorities: American universities are building residential college/university communities, which are affecting institutional priorities and, in turn, their admissions processes.
  • The Humanness in College Admissions Process: The intangible qualities in students are vital to college admissions in American colleges/universities. It is who they are, instead of what their grades are, that will get them into colleges/universities.
  • In-school Expertise: The school counselor is familiar with and can be an advocate for the student.
  • Parents’ Role: Be understanding and supportive!
  • Summer Schools: Go for the experience. Enjoy it and be an active part of the residential community of the college/university!”

The workshop began with an overview of the college admissions process in the U.S. Additionally, Dr. Dodge provided a vivid description of a realistic scene where Harvard College Admissions Committee members gathered to vote during the Pullout Process. These little stories helped paint a clear picture of how colleges manage their admissions process.

Furthermore, Dr. Dodge dispelled common misconceptions and myths about college admissions, while offering guidance on how parents can support their children during this crucial application period. Alongside academic factors, she emphasized the significance of intangible qualities such as initiative, communication skills, and personality, which also carry substantial weight in the admissions process.

The workshop concluded with an open Q&A session, providing students and parents with the opportunity to engage and interact with our exceptional speaker, Dr. Dodge.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Dodge for delivering these informative and productive presentations to our audience. 💐💐💐


本周,长菁成功举办了题为“深度剖析美国顶级院校招生”的升学指导工作坊,工作坊的主讲人为美国哈佛大学本科招生办的前招生副总监和美国韦尔斯利学院前招生总监 – Grace Cheng Dodge博士。工作坊分成三场讲座进行,分别为我们的中学部学生,在校生家长以及校外家长带来特别的内容。Dodge博士为大家带来了在学生申请流程之外,在美国大学内部招生过程当中具有价值的见解和视角。


  • 当前美国大学招生现状:近期趋势,包括AI现象
  • 诚实、诚信、社交和情绪学习的重要性
  • 学校的优先考虑因素:美国大学希望构建的是学院/大学的居民社区,这一因素将影响学校的优先考虑因素,因而影响他们的录取流程。
  • 大学录取流程中的人性化特点:那些学生身上隐形的素质在美国学院/大学的录取中有着至关重要的作用。这是关乎他们(学生)是谁,而不是他们取得的成绩,这也才是他们能够被录取的原因。
  • 校内的专业性:学校升学指导老师是一个熟悉学生并且可以为学生发声的人。
  • 家长的角色:理解并且支持学生!
  • 关于夏校课程:就好好地体验吧!好好享受并且积极主动地参与到学院/大学的居民社区生活中去!



讲座的最后是一个开放的现场问答,为在场的学生和家长提供一个难得的机会,与我们杰出的讲者 – Dodge博士一起参与讨论和互动。



April 19
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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