House League

The House League connects students, teachers and staff through a common identity and cause by fostering collegiality across the school divisions and laying the foundation for an engaging, inclusive and safe school environment.  

Each student is assigned a House and this House will stay with them throughout their time at AXIS. The House is an integrated mix of all students from KG to Grade 12, with all students working together in healthy competitions with the other houses. Each house has student leaders and faculty advisors. Students may earn points for their House through leadership, academics, good deeds, kindness, being a good friend, volunteerism, clubs, sports days and through sporting activities. The House League competition promotes a fun and spirited competition between the House Leagues to see who will win the prestigious House Cup each year. House points are updated regularly and are announced during assembly. 

House Leagues are comprised of leagues based around the 五行 (five actions).

  • Earth
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Gold

The House League system is supported by the AXIS community beliefs shaping the success of our students:

  • Learning is a continuous process for every student.
  • Success comes in many forms.
  • Resilience is key to achievement.
  • Responsibility balances our actions.
  • Relationships are effectively built upon empathy.
  • Connections to a global community are integral.