Admissions Policy


“We partner with our community to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect, so together we become active, compassionate and lifelong learners in the ever-changing world.”

AXIS Admissions Policy is established in consistency with the mission of the school and responsive to the needs of the community, within the framework of educational effectiveness and available resources.

Prior to being considered for admission, students must submit a complete application including the application fee (all applicants), test fee (Kindergarten – Grade 12) and all documents as outlined in the How To Apply section.

Decision Criteria

Admission decisions are based on careful examination of each student’s ability to achieve success in an atmosphere of high expectations and within the context of an English language learning environment. In making this assessment, AXIS will evaluate each candidate’s English language proficiency, math skills, demonstrated academic achievement, and developmental and social/behavioral history. This will include an interview. Parents should note that current class size/space availability, and English as an Additional Language (EAL) guidelines also affect admission recommendations. Admissions decisions may also take into account the short and long term balance of English language learners and other relevant demographic factors in the school in order to sustain and support the school’s mission and programs.

English Proficiency Criteria

Students will be assessed to determine their English proficiency. Prospective students (Grades 1-12 and Kindergarten applicants) will be screened using a standardized test that assesses the academic language of students in English. If the student is not yet able to meet grade standard, the school has additional admissions criteria and procedures for English Language Learners. These requirements seek to ensure that a child placed within our program is able to make reasonable progress and can be supported effectively to do so in line with school resources and capacity.

English Proficiency Criteria is based on:

• English language assessment results.

• Projected rate of language acquisition.

• Space availability (The balance of English language learners to fluent English speakers in a class and the student’s degree of fluency in relation to his/her age/grade are considered).

• Academic potential.

Exceptional Learners

AXIS may not be able to provide the necessary resources or specialized staff to meet the particular needs of all exceptional learners. At the time of application, parents must provide all materials related to the unique needs of their child. This includes any testing or assessments and It is highly preferred that all tests were conducted by credible international agencies and the results submitted in English. Appropriate materials should also include previous teacher and counselor comments regarding the ability and potential of the student. Additional information should be provided about the level of academic or behavioral support the student currently requires.

AXIS reserves the right to request any additional testing and evaluations necessary during the academic year for any student. These tests are at the expense of the family and could influence that child’s enrollment at AXIS. Students with exceptional needs will be admitted only after review of all materials and with the understanding of the family that AXIS may not have the ability to modify academic curriculum to the level of their child’s needs.

Grade Level Placement Policies

To ensure an educational program suitable for all AXIS students, students are placed in grade levels after due consideration of grade level at previous school, age, emotional, developmental and physical maturity, and academic level. Any or all of the following may be considered in determining proper placement: evaluation of previous school records, academic testing, results of screening by a counselor and/or trial placement in an age-appropriate grade level. There may be times when a student excels beyond the grade level standard in a particular subject. In this case, AXIS will seek to ensure the program is differentiated accordingly so the student is appropriately challenged. The final placement decision is made by the Head of School. Typically, students arriving in the early part of the school year (by December) from schools with a different school year calendar (i.e. January to November vs. August to June) will be placed in the grade level which they are currently attending. Above-described students arriving after December 1st will be placed in the grade they have just completed, providing they meet the admission requirement.

The academic progress of students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 who do not complete a full year in the AXIS program will be reviewed by the end of the year to ensure proper grade level placement for the following year.

We believe that children learn best in environments suited to their ages and stages of development. We adhere to an August 31st cutoff for birthdays. For example, children must be 3 years old on or before August 31st to enter ECC1. Please see the Grade Placement by Age Chart below. Children must turn the “Age at Entry” noted in the chart on or before August 31st.

Click the link below to find out our general guidelines for grade placement by age.

Admission Status

The Admission Office will inform parents of one of the following admission decisions:

Accepted – If a student has qualified and if space allows, the student will be placed in the appropriate grade level.

Waiting Pool – If an applicant meets AXIS admission requirements but is applying for enrollment in a grade level that is full, that applicant will be placed in the waiting pool for his/her class. Students will remain in the waiting pool for the academic year for which they have applied. If a space is not found for the applicant within that academic year, parents may contact the admissions office to roll over the application to the next academic year as early as December 1st. Applications will not automatically roll over to the following academic year.

Not Accepted – The applicant does not meet AXIS eligibility and requirements for admission at this time. The decision is based on one or more of the before-mentioned criteria.